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VRCA Award 2014

Ocean Concrete Wins Vancouver Regional Construction Association Silver Award

October 2014

Guildford Town Centre Redevelopment - Manufacturers and Suppliers Category



Ocean Concrete Granville Island

Ocean Concrete Wins Vancouver Regional Construction Association Gold Award

October 26, 2012

Vancouver, BC - Ocean Concrete's Granville Island dock replacement project was selected for the Gold Award by the Vancouver Regional Association in their 2012 Awards of Excellence General Contractor Under $15 Million category. The project was also featured in the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of British Columbia's (APEGBC) publication, Innovation Magazine, in a showcase of high-profile engineering projects in the province.

Vancouver Pile Driving Ltd., one of Canada's largest marine general contractors, completed the project at Ocean's Granville Island facility in April. The project included a new wharf with a steel pipe pile foundation and a steel/concrete composite deck structure, which replaced the concrete plant's existing timber wharf. This new dock is critical for taking in aggregates shipped by scow (barge) from the company's Sechelt mine.

Innovative planning and logistical solutions were required throughout the design and construction phases, since the concrete plant had to remain fully operational during the bulk of construction. In addition, the design of the new wharf required integration of temporary support structures to maintain the structural and mechanical integrity of the material handling equipment that was to remain in operation. Furthermore, most of the work was completed under winter conditions, adding another layer of complexity to the project.

Ocean Concrete's plant on Granville Island is uniquely located in an urban setting, and the company is one of the oldest and largest tenants on Granville Island. Ocean Concrete is a proud member and supporter of the dynamic community on Granville Island, and its annual open house is a much-anticipated local event.



VCRA Award 2012

Ocean Concrete Wins Vancouver Regional Construction Association Silver Award

August 2012

IKEA Richmond - Manufacturers and Suppliers Category

17,000 M3

Completed with Porous Concrete

The IKEA Richmond relocation project had an extremely short construction timeline. To accommodate the condensed schedule, the building assembly was constructed in simultaneous segments which complicated logistics significantly. 

Most days required pouring as many as four different types of concrete, delivered at overlapping times. As much as 782 cubic meters or 1,877 metric tonnes of concrete was placed in a single day.

In addition to logistics were the technical challenges on this project. This project used Ocean’s DrainStone pervious concrete. This concrete pavement has a durable surface but allows rain water to pass through the concrete naturally into the underlying soil.

Ocean’s Tempo series of high early-age strength concrete composed nearly half of the concrete placed. The series is designed to achieve the required strength within days to allow construction to progress without waiting the standard 28 days for concrete to achieve its optimal strength.

When the schedule is tight, there is no time to deal with quality related issues or wait for the concrete to gain strength. For these reasons Ocean Concrete was proud to supply the concrete for the IKEA Richmond relocation project.