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The Canadian Standards Association (CSA) A23.1 states the requirements for materials and methods of construction for cast-in-place concrete. This standard covers the requirements of the concrete producer and also the general contractor, owner, specifier, rebar-installer and concrete finisher. Ocean Concrete complies with all requirements set forth in this standard.

CSA A23.1 – Exposure Classes

Table 1 and Table 2 provide definitions and their corresponding concrete requirements.

CSA A23.1 – Prescription / Performance Alternatives

Ocean Concrete primarily supplies concrete under the Performance alternative, whereby Ocean Concrete designs the concrete mix and guarantees specified properties. Upon request, Ocean Concrete will supply concrete under the Prescriptive alternate. For more information refer to Table 5, Section 4.1.2.

CSA A23.1 – Finishing

This standard states that air-entrained concrete, required for exterior concrete and concrete in parking slabs, shall not have a steel trowel finish applied to it. Ocean Concrete agrees with this statement. Should a steel trowel finish be applied to air-entrained concrete there is an increased risk of blistering and delamination. Refer to Section  for an excerpt of CSA regarding this requirement.

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