Ocean Concrete's Micro-Lite® series of mix designs have a reduced density with superior pumping and placing properties. By using a specific gradation of material and a varying dosage rate of polymeric micro-spheres, Ocean Concrete can supply concrete and fill material with a variety of densities and strengths. Unlike semi-lightweight concrete made with expanded shale, Micro-Lite® is highly placeable and can be pumped by both boom and line pumps.

Ideal For

  • Semi-lightweight toppings
  • Lightweight fill material
  • Multi-storey buildings
  • Rooftop construction
  • Raised decks


  • Improved pumping and placing properties
  • Consistent results
  • Fire resistant properties
  • Increased design flexibility
  • Available with a compressive strength up to 30 MPa
  • Concrete density range of 1830 – 2200 kg/m3
  • Fill material density as low as 900 kg/m3
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