Living Shangri-La

Living Shangri-La

Project Type: 

Living Shangri-La

Vancouver, British Columbia

Project Facts

Opened: 2008
Height: 659 feet
Floors: 62
Concrete Volume: 47,000 cubic meters
Specialty Products: Tempo High-Early Age Strength Concrete, HighFlow

Project Overview

The Living Shangri-La Vancouver, a mixed-use skyscraper, is the tallest building on the Vancouver skyline at 201 metres. It houses a five-star hotel, spa, offices, and condominium apartments. The building incorporates energy-conscious features and sustainable design approaches.

Unique Facts:


  • Leading technical expertise to manage one of the most complex and technically challenging buildings ever constructed in Vancouver.
    • Required high strength concrete, 70 MPa
    • 200 metre vertical pump and placing boom
    • 3,400 cubic meter continuous core footing pour
  • Sustainable building materials to enable LEED Silver Certification
  • Manage the supply, logistics, and schedule of a large-scale, complex pour


  • Forty-nine (49) concrete mix designs were used and delivered to meet project requirements
  • Ocean Concrete designed a specialty concrete suitable to be pumped 200 metres vertically
  • Ocean Concrete’s fleet delivered more than 47,000 m3 of concrete, including over 8,000 m3 with a specified strength of 70 MPa to help keep the project on schedule


  • Ocean’s Tempo High-Early Age Strength Concrete and HighFlow, a proprietary self-consolidating concrete, provided the high-end quality required to achieve the tolerances demanded for this sophisticated architecture
  • Concrete post-industrial recycled content was calculated at 64%, as per LEED Canada NCv1.0