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Sustainable Construction at Ocean Concrete

Sustainable construction is a function of both design and materials, of which concrete is an essential component for a low carbon economy.
Ocean Concrete’s building products contribute to the creation of efficient public transport infrastructures, such as the Canada Line and energy efficient buildings such as the Vancouver Convention Centre and Shangri-La Vancouver.

Ocean Concrete also offers a variety of products with environmental benefits: 




ConcreteReduces storm water runoff
Preserves natural rainwater absorption
Rigid Concrete PavementConcreteLonger lifespan and less maintenance versus asphalt
Reduces fuel consumption up to 6.9%
Reduces CO2 and other harmful emissions
Insulated Concrete Form (ICF)ConcreteICF homes have lower energy bills


ConcreteReduces energy consumption from decreased heating and lighting requirements


Raw Material10% reduction in emissions
Fly AshRaw MaterialFly Ash, a recycled industrial by-product, reduces environmental impacts, CO2 and consumption of raw materials