Our Vision and Beliefs

Working Together to Build Our Communities®


Ocean Concrete's vision is centered on the concept of building better communities. The projects we are part of are important to the people and the communities that house them. Whether it's work, school or play, some of the most important moments of people's lives happen in the buildings we help build.


Safety First

Our staff operate in an environment where danger and risk is present. A fundamental value that shapes our continued growth and success is the safety of our customers and employees. Our goal is to completely eliminate accidents, injuries and occupational illnesses.

Sustainability Focused

The ocean and its waterways have always played a critical role in our business - 75% of our raw materials are delivered by barge. Ocean Concrete has a vested interest in protecting the water and surrounding environment since its success is tied to ours and that of our customers.

We're pushing the construction industry and suppliers to become more environmentally responsible, and holding ourselves accountable for our own efforts. We’re not yet 100% where we would like, but we’ve made great strides in reducing our environmental footprint and will continue to focus on achieving improved sustainability.

Community Centered

Ocean Concrete has a history of being supported by the community and we feel it’s important to return the favour. We focus our practices on hiring locally and manufacture all of our materials in British Columbia to contribute to the prosperity of our province. We are active and supportive in our communities. Check out some of the fun we’ve had in our community support initiatives.