Reducing Impacts at Ocean Concrete

Ocean Concrete has a strong environmental management plan in place to reduce its impact on the environment and local communities. We focus on reducing impacts in three key areas:


  • Returned concrete is used to make Octa-Blocs which are used to build retaining walls, flood control, environmental containments and for other engineering purposes
  • Reclaimed sand and gravel is recovered and reused in subsequent batches
  • Ocean Concrete invented and patented the Enviroguard truck chute wash system that ensures zero discharge of concrete waste on jobsites


  • Concrete slurry water (process water) is recycled and reused in subsequent batches to offset the demand for fresh water
  • The remaining process water is settled and treated for pH to meet discharge permit limits before it goes to sanitary or storm sewers


  • Baghouses and dust collectors on silos and truck-loading spouts to reduce air emissions
  • Fugitive dust control measures are used to minimize off site emissions
  • Dust, wind screens or trees are used where applicable to reduce dust